For more information, call 757-547-0356 or email the Parish Office.  

Pastoral Council – In coordination with the Priest, Council develops Parish Mission Statement, vision, plans and policy for Prince of Peace. Our new parish council members were installed in August. Congratulations to our new Parish Council members:

Parish Council Chair: Mark Shepard
Parish Council Vice Chair: Ellen Green
Parish Council Secretary: Leigh Williams
Remaining Parish Council Representatives:  Frank D’Angelo, Laura Dufrene, Jerry Hart, Tom Lynch, Michele Leazer, Joseph Ellenbecker, Dorothy Hill, William Shafley, Matt Yeager, Penni Harrison. 

Finance Council  – Ensures proper financial records are maintained, develops budget and assists with preparing the annual report.
Finance Council Chair: Barb Blumfelder

Parish Management

Buildings and Grounds
Contact John Leonard or email Facilities & Grounds.

Money Sorters: After each Mass, volunteers organize collection proceeds and deliver to the bank.  Contact Pam Lerach or email Finance & Bookkeeping

Money Counters: On Monday, volunteers count, verify and deposit collection proceeds.  Contact Pam Lerach or email Finance & Bookkeeping.

Parish Website:
Contact Alan Cole or Melody Smith at the Parish Office.