Building and Grounds

Share Your Talent!

Do you have a talent for carpentry, a plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or other trades? Do you like to help out around the yard, work on small projects around the house, or maybe you have a bit of a “green thumb” talent?

Are you willing to help out occasionally with small projects?

Your talents are greatly valued at Prince of Peace! Share your talent or trade with your Catholic community by volunteering to assist with Building and Grounds. For more information, contact John Leonard at 757-547-0356 or email Facilities & Grounds.


Volunteer of the Month:

Prince of Peace Volunteer of the Month for the maintenance department is David Kicklighter.
David volunteers Wednesday and Thursday each week and is a blessing to our church,  in taking charge of cleaning gutters so that our church does not flood out, trimming brush so that motorists driving by our church know that we are actually here,  and cleaning the nursery for its eventual opening.
We have several volunteers that I really appreciate and will be highlighting them and their accomplishments every month.
God bless!

John Leonard

Facility Maintenance Coordinator