Mission Statement


We are a community of Faith, Living in Love according to the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, who is the “Prince of Peace”.

Responding in service to the signs of the times and we wait in joyful Hope

for the coming of the Kingdom of God.


Therefore, be it resolved that we will:

Gather, as a Church, to celebrate and worship. Our surroundings reflect the gifts God has given us and help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to which all are invited to join in the celebration.

Be a community that recognizes all of its members as unique individuals with a commitment to a common faith. In that faith we come together to share ourselves in fellowship and offer one another the mutual support that family provides.

Provide the opportunity for everyone in the community to grow in knowledge and understanding of our God, our faith, and our church.

Recognize our responsibility to our sisters and brothers who are in need: physical, emotional or spiritual. In response to these needs we commit our resources.

Share the richness of our Catholic tradition with other faiths through prayer, worship, study, ministry and hospitality.

Father, this is our mission and our pledge to You, through Your Son, Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one Lord forever and ever. Amen.