Chairperson: Mary Riley
757-547-0356 or email the Parish Office.  

Stage I: Personal Encounter – Parishioners are introduced to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ through a call to continual conversion. They are encouraged to “tell their story” of personal encounter with Christ.

Stage II: Focusing on the Domestic Church – Ministry is centered around the family by encouraging marriage preparation and strengthening existing marriages. Divorced or single-parent families are welcomed and invited into the fold. Evangelization efforts include a renewed focus on inviting home fallen away family members.

Stage III: Equipping the Parish – We implement strategies for “welcoming back” fallen away Catholics, introduce programs that encourage personal contact with parishioners, and harness those natural moments of evangelization that take place in the midst of parish life (i.e. baptisms, marriages, funerals). Great efforts are made to ensure we are flexible enough to meet the needs of our muti-cultural parish.

Stage IV: Missioning Disciples Locally – We hope to coordinate door-to-door evangelization efforts to reach Catholics who have never been members of the community. We hope to further expand  our ecumenical dialogue so as to encourage education about the Catholic faith to other local faith traditions.

Stage V: Missioning Disciples Globally – We coordinate regionally and through diocesan regions to broaden the reach of our church to local and regional communities. We work to expand the reach of our parish community across the diocese to other dioceses and other countries.