There are various opportunities for adults to learn more about and grow in their faith. For more information or for the coordinator’s contact information call Sister Dolores in the parish office 757-547-0356  or email Pastoral Staff.

Sunday Morning Scripture Study

On Sunday mornings from 10:15-11:00 there is a Scripture Study for adults.  All parishioners, especially parents of children in Christian formation classes, are invited to attend. Bobbi Yeager and Mike Corrigan are the coordinators.

Tuesday Evening Scripture Study Class

On Tuesday evening adults gather to choose a book of the Bible to explore. They read specified chapters, pray, reflect and share.  Bobbi Yeager and Mike Corrigan are the coordinators.

Women’s Ministry/Women’s Tea

Women of the parish gather together for faith, fellowship and prayer on Sunday afternoons. They meet quarterly.  Robin Marchi coordinates the group.

Men’s Ministry/Men’s Breakfast

The Men’s Breakfast ministry gather once a month on a Saturday morning. The Men’s Breakfast/Men’s Ministry is dedicated to activities to help men of the parish be the godly men God calls them to be.  Deacon Adrian Marchi coordinates the group.

Young Adult Ministry

At present, the Young Adults of the parish are comprised of college students.  When they are home, they meet together in small groups for meals, entertainment, and play an active role in both special Liturgies and Sunday Worship.  This upcoming summer, plans are underway to organize their schedules to volunteer once a month at one of the local Catholic Soup Kitchens. If any parishioners and friends of POP, between the ages of 19-39, are interested in expanding this ministry with their time, their leadership, and their ideas for growth, please call Margaret Bailey at the parish office 757-547-0356 or email Music Ministry.